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The Ocean is a swimmy and meditative piece that almost sounds like a misplaced worship hymn replete with ambient vocals and gorgeous string arrangements.” - Adeem Bingham

Buried Treasure

Limited Edition Vinyl

Cold Harbor is available as a limited edition gatefold LP on translucent arctic pearl vinyl. You haven't heard this album until you hear it with the warm, analog tones you can only get from a record.  

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Steven appeared on the Mostly Folk podcast with Artie Martello to talk about his new album Cold Harbor. 

Maryland based singer-songwriter Steven Gellman discusses the background leading up to his new CD 'Cold Harbor', a collection of songs from deep within.

Valley Radio 89.5 - September 15, 2021

Radio Airplay in Australia

Top 10 tracks in conjuction with Banks Radio Australia, Sweet Sunday Sounds and Valley FM 89.5.

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