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Cold Harbor

Steven Gellman

In his first full-length album of new music since 2010's Peaceful World, singer-songwriter Steven Gellman is back with Cold Harbor - a concept album exploring the intersection of depression, anxiety, and identity.

Listen now to the advance track - Nerd's Holiday. Album releases on 5/14/21
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From the Liner Notes

This collection of ten songs was originally titled Three Chords & The Truth. I ended up changing the title to Cold Harbor which is a better fit thematically for the project. And while the songs do have more than three chords, the truth part, well, that remains intact. I don’t want to say too much here about the songs. I would prefer they tell you the story themselves. 


Thank you for your continued support! It is my hope that these new songs bring comfort and healing to you the listener, as they brought comfort and healing to me, writing them.