Steven Gellman

Stunning guitar work and heartfelt vocals are the hallmarks of this retrospective album that features new recordings of some of Steven's most personal and revealing songs.

From the liner notes. . .

If you’ve listened to my recorded music, you know that I love to collaborate with first-rate musicians to create rich layers of vocals, harmonies, and instrumentation. But, if you’ve been to a gig, you know that I tend to perform solo and acoustic. Folks often tell me that they enjoy this “unplugged” approach, so it seems like the time has come to strip away the layers and to look back across my catalog of original music to revisit some of my “forgotten” children.

While Revisited pulls songs from each of my previous CDs, it is not a typical retrospective. Rather, I have hand selected a special collection of songs that mean a great deal to me. All of them have evolved and grown into something new in the years since they were penned - new attitudes, lyrics, tempos, & musical keys – but they are still some of the most personal and revealing songs that I have written.

So, make yourself a cup of tea, grab a warm blanket, cozy up with a loved one or companion animal, and settle in by the fireplace with these 12 songs. Each one has been stripped down to reveal the natural beauty of the melody and lyrics. Each one was written, performed, and arranged by me. And each on was recorded with minimal editing, often using the first take or keeping in the little mistakes, to create an authentic sound that is sparse, raw, and intimate.

I have learned from my hero Phil Ochs about the power of one voice and one guitar. So here is my offering to you – a private concert for your living room. One voice. One guitar. Twelve songs. Revisited.


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