Songs of Winter's Cheer

Steven Gellman

Live, acoustic recording featuring holiday classics and originals. Includes Jewish Christmas - a playfully irreverent take on the holidays in Maryland.

From the liner notes. . .

Each year, as autumn turns toward winter and the days shorten and the air grows colder, my excitement for the holiday season grows. I have always enjoyed this time of year - the sights and sounds, friends and family, frosty nights and warm fires. And, of course, the anticipation of presents whether from Old Saint Nick or Hanukkah Harry!

On December 7, 2013 - a wintry Saturday evening with the first snowfall of the year on its way - I performed a candlelit holiday concert at the historic Hill Chapel in New Market, MD. With the talented Doug Poplin and Margaret Wolfe at my side, the performance was recorded live and in one take. It was a truly magical night. As you listen, I hope you feel that magic, too!

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